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MiAna Land is a pro eating disorder support website for those with anorexia, bulimia, and other eating disorders.

MiAna Land:

This site is a pro support website and forum. It is designed by and for those who either are afflicted with or in recovery from anorexia / bulimia and/or those that accept people that are anorexic or bulimic.

MiAna Land is also openly not pro-ana or pro-mia, it is an eating disorder support group.
We are a supportive group for those who suffer from and or recovering from eating disorders yet want to deal with it in a non proana promia way.
Some members are pro-ana or pro-mia so we are tolorent towards those who are.
Also contained within is links to openly proana promia sites, but we refuse to link to bad proana sites.
If you came here thinking MiAna Land was a proana group, it isn't. MiAna is an eating disorder support group.
Some images, text and links may be considered triggering in nature.
As well, if you are looking to become anorexic or become bulimic by being here then please leave. You will not find information contained within this web site, forum, or any site linked to / from this website on how to become anorexic or become bulimic.
If you do not accept the condition of anorexia / bulimia / other eds then you must also leave this website immediately.
Also you will not use this web site and or forum against anyone in any conceivable manner.

You have been forewarned. By entering this web site you are signing a digital certificate stating that you have read and understand the above mentioned conditions and you are entering this non proana site knowingly and willingly of the aforementioned conditions.
Entering by any other circumstance is perjury and can be punishable by law.

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